Yoga can transform your life and intensify your potential and makes you feel better. If you are unhappy or nervous, tired all the time, dependent to drugs, or bothered by joint pain, overweight, and are dependent on medications, yoga can help you regain, rejuvenate and reenergize.

For those with continuing health problems like arthritis, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, or HIV/AIDS and cancer, consistent yoga practice can help you live better and, in all possibility, longer.  For people suffering momentary symptoms – such as tension headaches, hot flashes, or sinus pressure – detailed yoga postures, breathing techniques, muscular locks and relaxation techniques can bring relief.

Yoga is quite simply the most authoritative system of complete health and well-being. It can decrease stress, grow flexibility, improve balance, stimulate strength, increase cardiovascular conditioning, lower blood pressure, lessen overweight, strengthen bones, avoid injuries, boost mood, recover immune function, rise the oxygen supply to the tissues, intensify sexual functioning and satisfaction, nurture psychological balance, and encourage spiritual health.

The lack of symptoms is in no way associated with health in yoga. Health to the yogi ranges far beyond not having a headache or knee pain- or even being treated of cancer. It is about enhancing the function of each system in your body from the muscles to digestion, circulation, and immunity.  It is about psychological health, spiritual well-being, and happiness. Yoga explains that only when these elements are united you can enhance your health and healing.

In the case of heart disease, yoga looks beyond cholesterol, blood pressure and mental imbalances affecting it, your emotional and social health, and your ultimate goal in life. The point is that a large range of factors can impact your healh, and the most productive method to cure health problems is to work on many areas at the same time, which is the outcome of a regular yoga practice.

Yoga starts with working on the body,stretching and strengthening your muscles and thereby affecting your circulation, posture, digestion and breathing. Calming and balancing the nervous system and impacting the mind. Cultivating mental peace which impacts  the nervous system, the immune system, and the cardiovascular system. Yoga professes that the individual self is part of universal self and the whole existence is deeply connected and rhythms at a universal frequency.  This implies that you can change the health of any one organ or system by trying to enhance all.

Yoga focuses on stabilizing your body and mind, makes your nervous system more balanced, improving immunity and breathing.

Yoga is impactful in the cure of many health ailments. According to a medical survey of people between ages thirty-one and sixty, who were regularly doing yoga. The results were as following table






Misunderstandings About Yoga


·     Yoga does not aid only the flexible and healthy, nor only for the youth, robust and fit. Juvenile yogi’s often make faster development with ailments than more experienced ones

·     Yoga impacts persons with varied mental, physical, and psychological issues

·     Yoga is a science with a spiritual side to it and benefits people of all religions. Meditation, very impactful in case of many ailments, originated and is an integral part of yoga



Rediscover yourself with yoga


Yoga encompasses many different techniques and methods that targets the overall health and well-being, in the modern world.

Yoga focusses on an imbalance stress-response system as stress is  responsible for many ailments like heart attacks, infertility and  balances the stress-response system by Asanas , Pranayamas and Meditation.

Yoga’s popularity rates high as the  various balancing, stretching, strengthening, breathing, ,muscular locks and  meditative practices align with other worthwhile activities like going to gym, walking, aerobics, Pilates,, and other forms of exercisers.

Yoga works progressively, by relaxation, calming and curing symptoms of illness. With regular practice comprising of Asanas, Pranayama and Bandhas the breath and the body become balanced and stronger aligning posture, bringing richly oxygenated blood to all organs, increasing lung capacity, improving bowel function, lymphatic drainage, and immune system resulting in balance and centering within.

Yoga encourages discipline, stamina, and self-control while developing deep  relaxation and awareness.

Here are forty ways that yoga facilitates for better health and well-being, both as prevention and as cure.