Ryan Lopez

I love and cherish my yoga as it keeps me fit and enthusiastic. Sammast's inherent style and demeanor makes his sessions flow between asanas as a power energy booster and before you realize you are there in shape, full sweat and deeply relaxed. I can connect more deeply with my passion, my music and that makes me happy.

Richard Bristow

I have been coming here for a month now for weight loss and I really like the results. I have tried a number of yoga studios in the area in the past but I love this studio particularly because it's small and is in a home like setting. It doesn't feel like a boot camp and you get undivided attention from a single instructor. In the first session itself Sammast analyzed that my weight gain was due to stress and anxiety related overeating and he quickly tailored his sessions for the best outcome. The best thing about Sammast's approach was to not restrict me on my eating habits but focusing on reducing the root causes and designing yoga poses suitable for my specific body needs and that led to quick results.

Alex Wu

During college years I got in wrong company and started experimenting with a number of substances. Due to my addiction my career and family life has always suffered.  Several times, I was treated for my problem, but I relapsed time and again. After my last rehab class, I came to try the de addiction class of Sammast. This has been the best decision of my life as now I am recovering and gradually moving towards a normal life. Sammast is adept in the ancient wisdom of Yoga and leads others with grace into a powerful weave of integration allowing mind, body and spirit to come into true alignment. Now I feel always in total control of myself! Thank you Sammast!