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Please find below description of our regular classes:

  • Energizing Flow -  Finely crafted sequence of yoga poses  that work as a natural stimulant to slowly warm your body , stretch your muscles and energize you up for a productive day ahead. 
  • Relaxation Flow  - Set of yoga poses that help during the middle of the day to  fight fatigue, relax, breathe deeply,  and  brings you back to a more balanced state to enhance  your post mid day schedule
  • Empowering Flow - includes a variety of yoga poses that will rejuvenate you at the end of the day and helping you to shift from busy mind to a relaxed state. This is a must do when you return home from a hectic day.
  • Healing Flow - These yoga poses unite integrative wellness with yoga  and are proven to heal most common conditions including weight gain, headache, stress, anxiety and joint pain. An initial wellness consultation is required before joining this class
  • Beginners Yoga - Builds a strong foundation in yoga for new comers with basic asanas that increase gradually in difficulty levels but are  mild to moderate in complexity 
  • Advanced Yoga -  These are meant for advanced yogis and takes their practice to new levels  by more challenging yoga poses to include complex balancing, stretching, inversion and bending techniques

Our classes include a combination of Hatha, Vinyasa, & Asthanga poses and blend in the best of these to meet the specific goals of a yoga class. We also provide  individual, family and team classes for a tailored yoga experience.