Beginners Introduction to Yoga


A beginners introduction to yoga reveals and educates beginners about the importance and benefits of yoga as a science to attain and culture an all round sense of well being.
It also highlights the authentic aspects of traditional yoga for an all round personality development at physical, mental, intellectual, emotional and spiritual levels.
A brief introduction to Ashtanga Yoga focusing on the eight step path laid down by Sage Patanjali.

Basic Yoga


Basic Yoga initiates a practitioner into preparatory practices for

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  •  Asanas, starting with loosening exercises which includes sithilikarana vyayama and sookshma vyayama.

  •  Pranayama, starting with preparatory breathing practices for complete physiology.

  •  Meditation, starting with simple relaxation techniques initializing with yog nidra.

Intermediate Yoga


Intermediate Yoga introduces a practitioner into

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  •  Asanas, focusing on Surya Namaskaras and individual asanas for sitting standing, prone and supine positions.

  •  Pranayama, enabling the basic breathing techniques namely kapal bhathi, bhastrika and nadi shuddhi.

  •  Meditation, breath based meditation (Vipasana) and sound based meditation (Omkara).

Advanced Yoga


Advanced Yoga highlights the advanced asanas, breathing techniques and relaxation techniques.

Dynamic Yoga


Dynamic Yoga includes High energy Surya Namaskaras and asanas sequences.
Introduces the concept of dynamic and dancing meditations.




Normal Meditation

  • Normal Meditation focusses on sitting breath meditations (Vipasana) and supine meditations (Yog Nidra).


Dynamic Mediation

  • Dynamic meditation includes musical meditations in a specific manner.

Dancing Mediation

  • Dancing Meditations include musical meditations blending in a dancing style.