3 Yoga Postures to replenish love in your relationship

The strenuous and exhaustive working culture of today has given a rise to “hurried” attitude among professionals. The direct result of this attitude is a sedentary and laid-back lifestyle and most of the studies reveal that love is totally lost among the young working couples. Yoga can help in refreshing and regaining those lost moments of love and romance back in couples of all ages. The three Yoga Postures which help you to achieve this are:


1) Sarvangasana - Lying on the back with the hands under the mid-back, the legs and lower body are lifted so that the weight of the body is supported on the head, neck, shoulders and upper arms. 





 2) Viparitakarani - lying on the back raising the buttock  and the trunk off the ground by supporting the body at the waist and the lower back with the elbows on the floor


 3) Ustrasana – bending the trunk backwards and placing the palms on the heels