Yoga is increasing becoming popular among corporate as it helps in providing

1.  A high energy and yet a relaxed working environment

2.  Increasing productivity by increasing efficiency and morale

3.  Stability and overall satisfaction

According to the latest studies employees performance is affected by

1.  High demand and hectic work schedules

2.  Long sitting and working hours spent in the office

3.  Lack off work life balance

All these factors are taking a toll on the employees’ health which is the primary focus of concern for all the corporates and rates foremost in the employment satisfaction survey. The major health issue faced by employees are

1.  Joint pain-lower back issues/stiff neck/shoulder/knee pain

2.  Over weight due to excess fat retention

3.  High stress and anxiety

Yoga comprises of Asanas, Surya Namaskaras, Pranayamas, Bandhas, Mudras and Meditation and a specific yoga practice can be tailored to address these health issues. The primary focus of this practice will be

1.  Posture alignment (comprising of sithilikarana vyayama, sookshma vyayama and Surya Namaskaras)

2.  Over all fat and spot reduction ( yoga asanas ,Surya Namaskaras, and Pranayamas)

3.  Deep relaxation ( Pranayamas, Bandhas and Meditation)